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COALITION DEBATE: Melih Asik asks and answers the question as to what the ruling party is up to in centrist Milliyet: "Why are President Erdogan, the speaker of parliament and the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) dragging out the process of forming a new government to such an extent? First, because power is already in their hands. Second, and since they have no sense of political restraint, they are making appointments in the manner they want. Third, they think that they are sending the public the message 'look, the coalition is not working in this country'. They are not in a rush!"

Mehmet Cetingulec suggests that the AKP does not want a peaceful Kurdish partner in moderate, pro-Islamic, pro-Gulen Zaman: "The AKP is acting as if it has just heard about the PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party] link to the HDP [pro-Kurdish leftist alliance] with whom they have been negotiating on the Kurdish peace process. They are taking every opportunity to link 'terror' to the 'HDP'. Please note that it is the 'HDP', not the 'PKK' that is being linked to 'terror'. However, what should be done is to bring forward the HDP and put an end to the PKK; but if the AKP could, they would want to see the HDP fall below the 10% election threshold once again and push it out of parliament."

Writing in the same paper, Mustafa Unal, concludes that early elections are likely:  "There will be a third partner to a coalition, and that is the Palace [Erdogan]. He is not a neutral observer. He is the most important party to any government formula. Current PM and AKP leader Ahmet Davutoglu cannot make a move without the Palace’s approval. The coalition quest will definitely move at the pace chosen by the Palace. With this in mind, one does not need to be a political expert to say that the probability of early elections is gradually getting stronger."

Yasar Sungu warns of the price of blocking a coalition in moderate, pro-Islamic pro-government, Yeni Safak: "The party that opposes a coalition puts the process into a difficult position. But this party will fail in early elections. The public will punish whichever party prolongs the process to form a government and does not move closer to an agreement in the next election. No one can claim that they were not warned. Everyone should be aware of this."


SYRIA CRISIS:  Ibrahim Karagul believes a new regional map is being devised in Yeni Safak: "A new map is being drawn. Kurds are being settled in the buffer zone. The real object is to divide the area into two camps. That is to say to determine the boundaries of Arab-Turkish division with bold lines by using the Kurds. And to turn the Kurds into the enemies of both Arabs and Turks. To cut Syria from Turkey, and to imprison Turkey into Anatolia. That is the plan."

Halime Kokce blames the PKK/PYD for foiling the Syrian revolution in centre-right, pro-government Star: "Establishing de facto cantons in the north of Syria has been used as one of the means to nullify the Syrian revolution. Everything is happening before our eyes. Saleh Muslim, the leader of the PKK's Syria branch, has preferred to be a part of Assad’s plan, despite all of Turkey's efforts. Because if the Syrian revolution turns into a civil war this would give the PKK-PYD the opportunity and power that they have never had before. The PYD has acted opportunistically and eliminated the Kurdish groups that thought differently one by one, exiled them and killed their leaders, as a classic PKK maneuver."



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