Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



ISRAEL RULES THE SEAS: Alex Fishman writes in Yedioth Ahronoth that the Defense Ministry will pay 1.8 billion Euros and the German Thyssenkrupp Corporation will supply the navy with three submarines of the Dakar model.

DO NOT TRUST QATAR: Yoni Ben Menachem claims in News1 that thanks to Israel and Hamas, Qatar has become an important regional actor, but Qatar is a terror-supporting country using Israel cunningly to curry favor with the Trump administration.

THE WRONG RESULT: Noam Amir argues in Makor Rishon that as far as Islamic Jihad is concerned, the termination of the last round of fighting, leaving it with the means of launching a new one soon is a success.

DO NOT EXPECT A SOLUTION: Ariela Ringel Hoffman states in Yedioth Ahronoth that as much as it pains her to say it, to this day the policy of containment that Israel practices in Gaza is the best of a bad lot of options.

ISRAEL FEARED MUBARAK'S DEATH FOR DECADES: Anshel Pfeffer proclaims in Haaretz that Egypt-watchers who analyzed the former president's every cough never thought he would die years after being deposed in a popular revolution.

MUBARAK'S LEGACY: Adam Rasgon contends in The Times of Israel that the Egyptian leader kept the peace treaty but shunned deeper ties with Israel.


From Today's Arabic Press



VOICING ANGER: Sunday's Iranian parliamentary elections witnessed the lowest turnout in two decades, sending a clear signal of disillusionment with the current regime, says Mona-Lisa Freiha in Wednesday's Lebanese center-right daily an-Nahar. This will have profound political repercussions as it will strip away the electoral legitimacy that the regime has claimed for itself so far.

'A RELIGIOUS DUTY' : The elections have only consolidated the transfer of power from the moderates to the hardliners, none of which will change anything in the Iranian regime's behavior, which is an assault on international law and human rights, maintains Farouq Yusif on the Emirates'-owned pan-Arab-news portal al-Arab.

THE ESCALATION/TAHDI'A EQUATION: As Israel exchanges blows with Palestinian factions in Gaza, C on the pro-Hamas news portal www.felesteen.ps notes a repeated pattern of confrontation and calming down, but that Israel has failed to impose its will and the Palestinian resistance gains strength with every round.

ERDOGAN AND NATO: Turkish President Erdogan seems to believe that he can exploit his NATO membership in the service of his own goals in the Mediterranean and elsewhere, notes Tahsin Halabi in Wednesday's pro-regime Syrian daily al-Watan. But NATO is riven with conflict and competition, and the noose is inevitably tightening around Erdogan in Idlib.

THE FRENCH CONNECTION: Unlike the U.S., France has taken a distinct stance in support of Lebanon and in seeking to de-couple the Lebanese issue from the broader range of issues with Iran, writes maintains Editor-in-Chief Nasser Qandil in the pro-Damascus Lebanese daily al-Bina. But France's ability to take effective action and mobilize the Gulf states in its support remains uncertain.