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Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



THE LAST OPERATION: Nahum Barnea asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that the Khan Yunis round will not be allowed to continue more than two weeks, and the IDF will not reach Rafah.

WASHINGTON IGNORING BITTER TRUTH: Meir Ben Shabat claims in Israel Hayom that the Biden administration's willful ignorance of the scope and depth of the Gazan public's support for Hamas is pushing it to adopt a position hindering Israeli success in the war.

WHO DOES ABU MAZIN REPRESENT? Uri Wertman argues in Israel Hayom that 62% of Palestinians believe the PA is a burden to its people.

NORTHERN TENSIONS: Yoni Ben Menachem stresses in ArabExpert that there is mounting fear Hezbollah will drag Lebanon into a war with Israel.

NO RUSH TO SEE OFF HAMAS: Zvi Bar'el proclaims in Haaretz that despite U.S. and Israeli pressure, Turkey's Erdogan, Egypt's Sisi, and other Middle Eastern leaders have avoided joining the campaign to remove Hamas.

NO MORE MR. NICE GUY: The Jerusalem Post editorial contends that Israel and Turkey are not going to be allies anytime soon.


From Today's Arabic Press



BACK TO GENOCIDE: Israeli and U.S. discussions of post-war Gaza are not only unrealistic and disregard the Palestinians' right to self-determination; they are also an attempt to deceive by pretending that the outcome of the war is in their hands and ignoring the resistance on the ground as well as its regional allies who might get involved on a more massive scale, maintains Rajab Abu-Sirriyeh in Tuesday's leading Palestinian daily al-Ayyam. But it is also clear that time – a matter of a few weeks rather than months – is an important factor pressing on the Israeli side to achieve its apparently unachievable ultimate goal of crushing Hamas, destroying the resistance, and displacing Gaza's population in pursuit of its ultimate aim of avoiding becoming an apartheid state by expelling the Palestinian population.

AN EXTRAORDINARY BATTLE: The current war on Gaza is unlike any previous wars fought between the Palestinians and the Arabs on one side and Israel on the other, and the genocide broadcast live translates the history of Israel's founding massacres into horrifying images that have given rise to unprecedented Arab anger against the Zionist state and its racist Western colonialist allies and sponsors who do not seem to view the Palestinians and Arabs as human beings, maintains Saudi commentator Badr al-Ibrahim in Tuesday's left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. The Arab world must nurture this anger and channel it in the right direction – the Western colonial powers – restoring Palestine's status as the focus of the fight against Western colonization and refraining from getting sidetracked into hostility towards each other.

RACE AGAINST IRAN: It should be clear that the new conflict in Gaza that Hamas has instigated, being used as Iran's proxy, has already turned back the clock in the region, reviving concepts that had disappeared to varying degrees from the Arab lexicon with the peace treaties already achieved between Israel and a number of Arab countries, claims Emirati commentator Salem al-Kutubi in Tuesday's Emirates'-owned pan-Arab-news portal al-Arab. The premeditated plans executed by Hamas and other terrorist militias have shattered the atmosphere of peace in the region, replacing it by discourse and sentiments that threatens to lead to a religious war that is very difficult to end, with the Arab and the Muslim streets no longer open to the kind of coexistence and cooperation that many in the region had spent years trying to build and nurture.

ENCOMPASSING THE ENTIRE GLOBE: The global media battle between Israel and its official Western colonial supporters and the Palestinians has been as intense as the fierce fighting in the military battlefield, with the Palestinians triumphing in both battles despite the colonial West's political, economic, military, and propaganda capabilities mobilized to assist Israel's narrative of the confrontation, notes Talal Saleh Banan in Tuesday's Saudi daily Okaz. But the Israeli and Western propaganda machine made the mistake of resorting to lies, thus compromising journalistic professionalism, and suppressing the truth by imposing harsh penalties on anyone exposing the Israeli war machine's transgressions, thus undermining the liberal values that legitimize the Western model of government.

A SYSTEMATIC DESTRUCTION CAMPAIGN: While all eyes are focused on the horrible scenes from Gaza, another scene is unfolding in the West Bank without attracting the attention it deserves, where Israel is quietly, cunningly and brutally pursuing a scheme to displace the West Bank Palestinians and where more than 220 Palestinians have been killed, around 2800 injured, and over 3000 apprehended since October 7th, observes Jordanian commentator Mundhir al-Hiwarat in Tuesday's Amman daily al-Ghad. Jordan and Egypt have made it adamantly clear that they will not accept such displacement, and the Palestinians are valiantly resisting this scheme and clinging to their land, but there are limits to human endurance; and unless these Israeli plans are fought by every means, there will be dire consequences for the region, its leadership and its people.