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OFFENDED BY THE HEADLINE: Nahum Barnea in Yedioth Ahronoth explains why yesterday’s front-page headline – “Palestinian flags in the heart of Tel Aviv” – was an affront to the liberal city and the Arab-Jewish demonstration against the nation-state law.

BENNETT’S PLAN FOR GAZA: Ben Caspit in Maariv presents a revolutionary plan by Minister Naftali Bennett in which Israel does not enter Gaza but pounds it from the air to eradicate all Hamas’ infrastructure within a few weeks, while fully evacuating all Israelis from the Gaza envelope.

WAR AGAINST THE ISRAELI NATION: Dror Eidar in Israel Hayom claims the Israeli Arab leadership, that organized the protest against the nation-state law, views the Jews as foreign trespassers, but the very fact that the demonstration took place proves there is equality.

JIBRIL RAJOUB GUNNING FOR HEAD OF PA: Yoni Ben-Menachem in News1 claims that the general-secretary of Fatah Jibril Rajoub has succeeded in taking over an important position of power in the movement and hurting Marwan Barghouti’s status. But Abbas does not trust him and he is still faced with strong rivals in the battle for supremacy.

WILL NETANYAHU CALL EARLY ELECTIONS?: Yossi Verter in Haaretz explains that even if coalition partner Yaakov Litzman wants the draft bill approved, the Gerrer rebbe is the one who dictates the move.

SHOOTING THEMSELVES IN THE FLAG: Ben-Dror Yemini on Ynet argues that despite the Palestinian flags and the pro-Palestinian slogans shouted at the Tel Aviv rally against the Nation State Law, Israel must listen to the moderate voices of Arab Israelis, but must also remember that with equality come duties.


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IMPORTANT MESSAGES: The weekend clash between Jordanian security forces and an ISIS cell in which four security personnel were killed, highlights the fact that the threat posed by ISIS has not disappeared with the demise of its state in Syria and Iraq, argues Jordanian commentator Mohammad Abu-Rumman in Monday’s Jordanian daily al-Ghad. But this latest incident also highlights the failure of the reform and rehabilitation efforts directed at ISIS members in Jordanian prisons.

A PRECISE PLAN: Despite the domestic roots of the terrorism in Jordan, the weekend incident is likely to be linked to the Syrian regime’s recent recapture of the borders with Jordan, and the pressures on Amman as part of the U.S.-sponsored Palestinian/Israeli ‘deal of the century,’ maintains Monday’s editorial in the Qatari-owned, London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi.

BACKFIRING SANCTIONS: Despite the U.S. administration’s rhetoric, the sanctions imposed on Iran may still prove to be U.S. President Trump’s undoing, argues Egyptian commentator in Mustafa as-Sa’id in the authoritative Cairo daily al-Ahram. The latest sanctions have been imposed alongside a U.S. trade war that has alienated Washington’s closest allies and rallied them and the rest of the world to Iran’s side, and this may spell trouble for Trump in the November mid-term congressional elections.

STRICT SANCTIONS: The sanctions may be yet another unintended U.S. gift to the Iranian regime and its hardliners, maintains leading Lebanese commentator in Amin Qammouriyyeh in the Qatari daily al-Watan. Tehran still has enough allies and sharp fangs to negotiate with the U.S. from a position of parity, and any harm inflicted by the sanctions will only strengthen the regime’s hardliners.

IN THE NORTH AS IN THE SOUTH: Although there may be good reasons to argue that the Syrian army and its allies will refrain from waging a battle to liberate Idlib, and despite Turkey’s ambiguous role in the Syrian north, the battle there may soon erupt, maintains Syrian commentator ‘Amer Nai’m Elias in Monday’s pro-regime Syrian daily al-Watan. Similar considerations were offered as to why there would be no battle to retake the more important parts of southern Syria; but they proved to be mistaken.