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SOVEREIGNTY OR ELECTIONS: Amit Segal asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that Gantz and Ashkenazi had hoped that annexation was just another campaign promise Netanyahu would forget. They were wrong.

NETANYAHU VS. THE SETTLERS: Sima Kadmon claims in Yedioth Ahronoth that Netanyahu wants to leave his mark on history; the settlers feel he is condescending, and the Americans do not have time for this now.

SOVEREIGNTY OR GHETTOS?: Shlomo Ne'eman, mayor of Gush Etzion, argues in Arutz7 that after two months when the settlers' phone calls were not answered and their questions on the future of the settlements were not addressed, small wonder that they finally had enough.

WATCH OUT EUROPE: Ariel Kahana states in Israel Hayom that European officials would do well to remember that they do not know what is good for the Jews better than the Jews themselves.

WHAT DOES NETANYAHU MEAN BY 'ANNEXATION'?: Yossi Melman in Haaretz asks what will the prime minister do in the West Bank a month from now? He himself probably doesn't know. The army and intelligence services have sketched out scenarios but questions remain, including how Saudi Arabia and Jordan might react.

HAS ISRAEL LOST THE SOVEREIGNTY BATTLE?: Tovah Lazaroff contends in The Jerusalem Post that it is hard to imagine how Netanyahu would move forward without Trump.


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REASONS FOR SYMPATHY: The fact that the shop owner in whose store the tragic events leading up to George Floyd's death began is a Palestinian, highlights the connection between the oppression of America's black citizens, and Israel's oppression of the Palestinians, writes Hamada Fara'neh in Friday's Amman daily ad-Dustour. Fate may have forged a common cause against Israeli PM Netanyahu and U.S. President Trump, and the hope is that this link will serve as a lever to bring them both down.

A WIN FOR ERDOGAN: Turkish President Erdogan and Libyan GNA (National Accord Government) PM Sarraj have celebrated their latest victory against LNA (Libyan National Army) commander Haftar, notes Editor-in-Chief 'Abdelbari 'Atwan on Friday's London-based, pan-Arab www.raialyoum.com. Haftar's defeat across Libya is now on the cards, reinforcing Turkey's ability to make best use of its energy and reconstruction deals with the GNA, and raising the question of what Haftar's Egyptian, Emirati and French allies are likely to do next, particularly after Moscow seems to have shifted its support for the LNA.

THE REAL RESISTANCE: With news that the PA has severed its contacts with Israel, gunmen appeared on the streets in the West Bank parading their weapons and shooting in the air, notes Abdelsattar Qassim on the Qatari-owned pan-Arab news portal www.arabi21.com. This recalls previous scenes of unruly Palestinian behavior in Lebanon and Jordan, but such displays only serve the occupation authorities, and do not represent real acts of resistance to Israel.

FOUL PLAY AND DUPLICITY: The situation in Lebanon appears to be heading to a dangerous showdown as Hezbollah is mobilizing to confront the ongoing anti-government protests, writes Nabil Boumoncef in Friday's in Lebanese center-right daily an-Nahar. This is due to the fact that Hezbollah's weapons are being questioned, and the party is seeking to demonize the opposition and charge it with treachery in return.

AN IRREFUTABLE TRUTH: Certain Iraqi parties are bent on denying the truth about the involvement of local Sunni tribes and forces in reviving ISIS's fortunes in the country, writes Mahdi Qassim on the independent Iraqi news portal www.sotaliraq.com. The attempt to smear all Shiites by tarring them with a pro-Iranian brush is also part of this insidious attempt to conceal the truth.