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From Today's Israeli Press



NETANYAHU'S STAIN: Ben Caspit writes in Maariv that the prime minister has turned himself into Trump's submissive slave and Israel into the Republican Party's protectorate.

THE SUCCESSOR: Amit Segal claims in Yedioth Ahronoth that within a few years Yossi Cohen may well advance from being head of Mossad to Netanyahu's anointed replacement.

JORDAN AND TEMPLE MOUNT: Yoni Ben Menachem argues in News1 that King 'Abdullah is worried about the abrogation of the peace treaty with Israel that guarantees him the status of custodian of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

SHOOTING AND TALKING: Yossi Yehoshua asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that the conflagration in the South is not disrupting efforts to reach an arrangement. Israel and Hamas are continuing, albeit through mediators, to conduct negotiations.

DECODING NETANYAHU'S SILENCE: Amos Harel proclaims in Haaretz that Netanyahu kept mum on Trump's "disloyal Jews". But will he do the same if Trump shifts policy towards Iran?

OBAMA STARTED: Herb Keinon contends in The Jerusalem Post that Trump is not the first president to question the loyalty of American Jewry. Obama also raised the specter of dual loyalty, albeit much more subtly.


From Today's Arabic Press



'THE KING OF ISRAEL': Trump's now notorious Tweet regarding the loyalty of American Jews has revealed his anti-Semitism and xenophobia, maintains Friday's editorial in Qatari-owned pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi. But while the liberal U.S. Jewish community has been outraged, their liberal sentiments have not been extended so far to the Palestinians' suffering under occupation.

ISRAEL'S AQSA MESSAGE TO JORDAN: Jordan's protests against Israel's continuing encroachments on al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem have been totally ignored by the Israeli authorities, says Maher Abu-Tayr in Friday's Amman daily al-Ghad. Despite the fact that it is addressing this issue alone without Arab support, Amman should take a firmer stand and pay the price or face even more dire consequences.

WHAT IF NETANYAHU FALLS?: Israeli PM Netanyahu's fall from political power has now become a distinct possibility, says Palestinian commentator 'Abdelmajid Suweilim in the leading Palestinian daily al-Ayyam. His downfall will constitute a severe blow to U.S. President Trump and his regional designs, and a new Israeli leader is likely to adopt a new and harsher policy towards Gaza, along with a number of other domestic and foreign policy changes.

THE PMU ON THE FRONT LINE: Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) has finally acknowledged a series of Israeli/U.S. attacks on its arms depots, notes Nur Ayyoub in the left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. But there appears to be a split within the militia as to the appropriate response, and there are many complications arising from the Iraqi government's desire not to be drawn into the conflict, as well as the conflicting pressures from Iran and the U.S.

HEZBOLLAH IS THE ULTIMATE ARBITER: Lebanon's President 'Aoun was elected in 2016 on the assumption that he was best based placed to restore the state's authority over Hezbollah's weapons via a new Lebanese defense strategy, notes Emile Khoury in Friday's in Lebanese center-right daily an-Nahar. But this assumption has proven to be misplaced, as 'Aoun appears to have surrendered to Hezbollah's power and the linkage between its presence in Lebanon and the broader struggle over Iranian influence in the region.