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THE MAGICIAN AND THE RABBIT: Nahum Barnea writes in Yedioth Ahronoth that in Israeli politics, when a centrist party joins an extremist government it always starts with pretty words about unity and emergency and ends in infamy. Gantz will fare no better.

CHOOSING THE PEOPLE OVER TERROR SUPPORTERS: Amnon Lord claims in Israel Hayom that Gantz knows that the attacks he endured from the right are nothing compared to what the left is preparing for him, which is precisely why it can be said he displayed leadership.

THE ASS AND THE MESSIAH: Amit Segal argues in Yedioth Ahronoth that in his decision to join forces with Netanyahu, Gantz doomed Lieberman to downgrade from kingmaker to opposition member for the foreseeable future, alongside Lapid and Odeh.

GANTZ A BELIEVER: Ben Caspit states in Maariv that Gantz became convinced that the good of the country requires he climbs down the tree and steps into the fray. But will Netanyahu honor his part of the deal?

CORONAVIRUS MAKING PEACE IN MIDDLE EAST: Zvi Bar'el proclaims in Haaretz that the virus could hasten the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, while Turkish-Syrian clashes in Idlib subside.

ISRAEL MUST BATTLE CORONAVIRUS IN GAZA: Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman contends in The Jerusalem Post that Israel must adopt prophylactic and preventative measures to help ensure it is not blamed for "killing" hundreds of people.


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POPULAR ACCLAIM: China's response to the coronavirus challenge has helped to shift its global image from villain to exemplar, notes the editorial in Friday's Qatari-owned London-based, pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi. China naturally benefitted from its vast resources and authoritarian system, but it is unlikely that other authoritarian regimes can replicate its success.

DISCORDANT VOICES: Despite U.S. President Trump's racist provocations and military posturing, China has triumphed twice in addressing the coronavirus epidemic, says Shawkat Abu-Fakhr in Syria's state-owned daily Tishreen. Once when it succeeded in containing the virus in record time, and a second time with its humanitarian messages and aid to the world, thereby pointing the way to a better global future.

TERROR AND RUMOR IN BAGHDAD: Baghdad is awash with rumors regarding a possible U.S.- sponsored coup and other violent developments, notes Bahira Shaikhali on the Emirates'-owned pan-Arab-news portal al-Arab. Many explanations have been broached for these rumors, including the terror overtaking Iran's proxies fueled by the sense of popular rejection against them and Iran as manifest in the increasingly well-organized and determined street protests since October 2019.

TEHRAN AND THE U.S./TALIBAN DEAL: Washington's recent agreement with the Taliban may have been intended to turn the latter's energies to a conflict with Tehran, maintains Abdelhussein Shaaban in the independent Iraqi London/Baghdad-based daily az-Zaman. The U.S./Taliban agreement should be seen within a regional context, whereby Iran has been weakened by the coronavirus crisis, and the U.S. is ratcheting up its economic and military pressures on Tehran.

UNPRECEDENTED SITUATION: Today's Lebanese ruling establishment is in an unprecedented situation due to the combination of the urgent health challenges that have added enormous weight to the ongoing financial and economic crisis, and an unprecedented degree of freedom in taking unilateral decisions to fight the crisis at every level, notes Nabil Boumoncef in Friday's in Lebanese center-right daily an-Nahar. The Health Ministry is particular has set an exemplary high standard, and the hope is that the rest of the government will follow suit.