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Today's Mideast Mirror Summaries

From Today's Israeli Press



CLIMB DOWN THE TREE: Ben-Dror Yemini asserts in Yedioth Ahronoth that Israel is running amok toward the most severe crisis since its founding, because those in charge are hell-bent on a confrontation the people do not want.

THIN ICE: Yedidia Stern claims in N12 that the leaders must commence talking, before the spark that will incinerate the country ignites.

THE "LONE-WOLVES" ILLUSION: Nitsana Darshan-Leitner argues in Israel Hayom that "terror groups" are harming Israel without accepting direct responsibility.

BOOKS FOR KILLING SPREES: Orit Miller stresses in Maariv that Israel must deal with incitement in the East Jerusalem education system.

BETWEEN BIDEN AND BEN-GVIR: Amos Harel proclaims in Haaretz that Netanyahu faces a new political balancing act.

RIPPLE EFFECTS: Seth J. Frantzman details in The Jerusalem Post 6 ways in which the Turkey/Syria earthquake could affect the Middle East.


From Today's Arabic Press



MOST DEVASTATING: Yesterday's natural earthquake with its epicenter in Southern Turkey devastated parts of Northern Syria, occurring against the background of the man-made earthquake that has been shaking Syria for the past 12 years, maintains Syrian commentator Ahmad ad-Darazi on the pan-Arab And just as Northern Syria is suffering from the effects of Turkey's natural earthquake, Turkey is suffering from the political and economic effects of the man-made earthquake in Syria, driving home the lesson that the two countries are linked by natural and historical fault lines that should urge them to live in peace and cooperation with each other.

TEARS AS WORDS: Unity between the people of Northern and Western Syria was broken by the intervention of a villainous West, claims Editor-in-Chief Ibrahim al-Amin in Tuesday's left-leaning pro-Hezbollah Beirut daily al-Akhbar. But yesterday's earthquake and its devastation brought them back together for a while, even though they will be divided once again by the intervention of the same villainous powers that refuse to accept even the unity brought about by the grave.

WAITING FOR JESUS' RETURN: Monday's killing of a number of Palestinians in a camp in Jericho raises the number of Palestinians killed by Israel since the beginning of the year to more than one per day, observes Mohammad Kharroub in Tuesday's Amman daily al-Rai. The attack occurred after U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit, indicating that the U.S. did not obtain any commitments from Israel to reduce the level of its violence in return for PA commitments to quell Palestinian resistance in pursuit of the "two-state" solution mirage.

INDISCRIMINATE DISCRIMINATION: Jewish racial supremacy has always been part of the discourse of the Zionist movement, especially since Israel's establishment with its discriminatory laws against non-Jews, including its non-Jewish Arab citizens, maintains Palestinian activist Daoud Kuttab on the Qatari-owned, London-based, pan-Arab news portal The focus in coverage of this has been on Israeli discrimination against Muslims, but contrary to the image it tries to project, Israel also discriminates against Christians, with its extremist youths recently intensifying attacks on them and their holy sites.

PEDERSEN'S REAL AIMS: Reports that UN Special Envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen will visit Damascus in mid-February raise serious questions regarding his visit's real aims given the fact the UN-facilitated Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings in Geneva have not borne any fruit and that Geneva is no longer acceptable as a venue for these meetings to either Moscow or Damascus, notes Abdelmoneim Ali Issa in the semi-official Syrian daily al-Watan. Therefore, Pedersen's visit most likely aims to explore on behalf of the West the prospects for Syrian/Turkish rapprochement with the possible aim of undermining the latter.